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3C power experts apply their knowledge to help a variety of industries maximize the life of their power equipment. Whether you generate power or use power for your operations, we have solutions that can help. Below is just a sample of our projects for different industries:

Power Generation

Project: Generation Customer– 720MW Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant

Customer’s Situation:
Our customer had excessive ARC Flash Energy Levels (HRC) which were all dangerous “no suitable PPE” and would be required to de-energize equipment upstream to work locally. This presented a significant personnel safety hazard and unrealistic downtime to perform minor maintenance.

Our Recommendations:
3C provided a turnkey Arc Flash Mitigation System from design concept to installation. We installed three Arc Flash Detection Systems manufactured by ABB that are designed to detect an arc flash utilizing a clear fiber optic detection wire and trip the upstream circuit breaker in less than 3 milliseconds. In addition, we installed fourteen digital trip units on the feeder breakers which allowed for instantaneous tripping of these breakers under faulted conditions. The combination of the arc flash detection modules, the digital trip units, changes to their coordination study allowed our customer to have no loads above an HRC category 2, thereby allowing for normal PPE to be worn and not requiring extensive electrical outages to perform routine maintenance.

Proven Results:
3C saved our customer time and money by performing all work from engineering to installation. Plus, we performed on site technical and safety training for their personnel. As a result of our efforts, our customer was recognized by their Operating Company for a Safety Award and their design was submitted to a national trade magazine for “Safety Design of the Year”.


Project: 345 kV Circuit Breaker Commissioning

Customer Situation:
As part of its “Energizing the Future” initiative, our customer has been replacing outdated air blast circuit breakers with new SF6 circuit breakers in a number of it 345 kV transmission substations in northern Ohio.

ABB was selected to supply and replace a number of GE and Merlin Gerin breakers in three of the substations and to install new voltage transformers. 3C Electric was retained by ABB to act as the Commissioning Engineer.

Our Recommendations:
The work consisted preparing a detailed construction and commissioning plan for the replacement of each breaker which included:
  • Review of the existing and new circuit breaker control drawings
  • Prepare demolition plans for old equipment including isolation of CT circuits from that operate in parallel with CT circuits on adjacent in-service breakers in line and bus protective relaying schemes
  • Verification of the existing breaker trip, close, and monitoring
  • Perform pre-demolition testing to establish the electrical condition of the existing breaker control wiring
  • Supervise the demolition of the old and installation of the new equipment
  • Supervise equipment acceptance tests and review of test results
  • Perform insulation resistance tests and point to point and checks on new and modified control wiring
  • Perform equipment ground resistance tests
  • Functional testing of the new breaker trip, close, charging, annunciation, and monitoring schemes
  • Prepare return to service plans for the new equipment including connection of new CT circuits that operate in parallel with CT circuits on adjacent in-service breakers in line and bus protective relaying schemes
  • Perform in service phase angle checks on the new breaker CT circuits
  • Assemble turnover package of field markups of installation drawings and equipment acceptance and functional test results.

Emergency Service

Project Name: 3C Restores Power After Switchgear Explosion at Manufacturing Facility

3C Restores Power After Switchgear Explosion at Manufacturing Facility Customer Situation:
3C Electrical recently responded to an emergency call from a light industrial company. They had suffered an explosion in their Main 5kV switchgear and were without power to their entire site. Our initial investigation found that one of their 5kV switches had experienced an arc fault and subsequently went to ground. The resulting arcing and fire had compromised the rest of the switchgear, the medium voltage cables, site padmount transformer, and several low voltage switchboards. In addition, the three single phase utility transformers had overheated and were damaged by the event. The company's entire power system was destroyed.

Action Required:
3C responded immediately. While one crew was assessing the damage and developing a plan to restore normal power, a second crew began the work of providing temporary power to the site. We quickly sourced and installed large temporary generators that were connected at the secondary side of each transformer. One location required power at 600 volts. This was handled by providing a 480 volt to 600 volt transformer along with the generator. In total, five generators and one transformer were installed within 24 hours of the initial power outage. This was a total of almost 3 MVA of supplied capacity. The customer was operating with temporary power for almost 3 weeks.

3C Restores Power After Switchgear Explosion at Manufacturing Facility Our Recommendations:
3C’s Engineers and Project Managers were busy putting together a plan to restore the normal power feed. We quickly determined that the existing switchgear would need to be completely replaced. Because of the short time frame we were working with, new switchgear was not an option. We located a suitable replacement for the customer on the used market. This switchgear was completely re-furbished, reconfigured to the new specifications, and shipped to the site within 9 days. Once on site, 3C engineered the new power system including the metering transformers, fuses and ground grid required by electrical code and the utility standards for protection and utility grade metering.

Site Work:
While the replacement switchgear was being re-worked, the site was prepared to receive it. Our crew was able to remove the old switchgear and the old concrete pad, replace the ground grid, install underground conduits (all cables had been direct buried previously), and re-pour a new pad prior to arrival of the new switchgear.

3C also needed to test all of the affected switchgear during the reconstruction. Our testing included the five transformers, 6 cable circuits, 8 switchboards, and a large number of circuit breakers to ensure that these critical components were not compromised by the event. We determined that one transformer, four of the six cables circuits, and numerous circuit breakers all needed to be replaced.

Within 6 days, we completed the testing and required replacement of components before the new switchgear arrived. This was quite a feat considering that one of these components was a 500kVA padmount transformer that had to be sourced, shipped, tested and the old one removed prior to installation.

Our Results:
The new switchgear arrived and was placed on the new concrete pad by crane. 3C connected cables and the control circuits to the switchgear and completed the acceptance testing. Total time between our first arrival on-site and restoring power was 21 days. This would be quite an accomplishment any time of year but even more so considering this was done over the Christmas and New Year's holiday.

With our resources and technical expertise, 3C is well prepared to handle scheduled maintenance - or an emergency of this size.

Please call 855-881-3911 today to discuss your electrical power system needs. We take pride in our work and will give you a complete solution to keep your systems running safely and efficiently.

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