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Witness Testing and Commissioning

3C specializes in the creation and performance of witness testing plans and commissioning procedures.

Commissioning Testing is performed on-site to verify protective settings and functionality after new installations or any time interface hardware or software is changed. A Commissioning Test must be performed by a qualified individual and performed according to NETA Test Standards or the manufacturer’s recommended test procedure to prove the settings and requirements.

Protective Functions tested during commissioning include:
  • Over and under voltage
  • Over and under frequency
  • Anti-islanding function
  • Non-export function
  • Inability to energize Dead Line
  • Time delay on restart after Utility source is stable
  • Utility system fault detection
  • Synchronizing controls
  • Protective functions required as part of the Interconnection Agreement
  • Verify final protective function settings
  • Trip test
  • In service test
Our engineers develop commissioning plans and can act as the owner’s engineer.
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