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Protective Relay Testing

Protection relays play a key role in the safe and reliable operation of an electric power system. Relays vary from a simple electro-mechanical relay to a more complex digital relay. Relays that are highly sophisticated with a large number of settings need to be tested by an experienced relay technician with equally powerfully test equipment and test systems. Electro-mechanical relay testing may be completed in a day whereas a digital relay could require weeks to test all of its functions.

3C will help you evaluate your goals and options to make the best choices regarding what we test and how the test must be made. We follow NETA standards to perform the following relay tests:

Type testing is a very extensive process that runs a relay through all of its paces. It is very involved as it includes every conceivable scenario that could be simulated to evaluate its response under various conditions. Type testing is very demanding and specific to manufacturer and/or end-user standards.

Acceptance testing is done before the relay is placed in service to ensure that it is the correct model with the correct features; is operating correctly; and has not been damaged in any way during transport. It is limited to functional tests of the inputs, outputs, metering, communications, and displays. Acceptance test procedures are often outlined by the manufacturer.

Commissioning confirms that the relay’s protective element and logic settings are appropriate to the application and will operate correctly. Acceptance tests are generic and commissioning is site specific. Commissioning is the most important test in a digital relay’s lifetime.

Maintenance testing is performed at specified intervals to ensure that the relay continues to operate correctly after it has been in service. Routine maintenance and testing will help ensure the relay responds precisely to protect equipment and workers.

Troubleshooting is usually performed after a fault to determine why the relay operated or why it did not operate when it was supposed to. The relay technician can make recommendations after the investigation.
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