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Protection and Control Systems

Protection and Control Systems are put in place to keep power interruptions to a minimum by isolating the faulted parts from the rest of the system. Any lost of power will cause a loss of production, operational capacity, and potentially harm people or equipment. The engineers at 3C Electrical can develop Protection and Control systems designed to detect power system faults and other abnormal conditions. Protection systems usually include:
  • Current and Voltage Transformers
  • Protective Relays
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Batteries
  • Communications
Our engineers analyze your system to ensure the Protection System is reliable, operates at optimal speed, minimizes false tripping, is cost-effective and is easy to interpret. Types of protection we coordinate include:
  • Power Network Protection
    Protection Scheme used on Power Networks.
  • Main and Back up Protection
    Main Protection operates every time a fault occurs. Back up protection is designed to operate should the main protection fail.
  • Overcurrent
    This form of protection can be used at all voltage levels.
  • Differential
    Differential (unit) protection is applied to lines, transformers, motors, generators and bus-bars. This selective protection requires communication either via copper pilots, telephone circuits or fiber optics.
  • Distance
    Distance (nonunit) protection discriminates between faults by measuring the impedance on the lines.
  • Signaling
    Signaling can be used in conjunction with distance protection to provide increased selectivity and faster tripping times.
  • Loadshedding
    When generation capacity does not match the load, the result is a drop in voltage and/or frequency. Loadshedding schemes are used to disconnect certain loads to help maintain system balance.
Protective device coordination (make link) and Disturbance Monitoring Equipment (DME) are used to minimize the outage and assess system protection performance.
Please call 855-881-3911 today to discuss your electrical power system needs. We take pride in our work and will give you a complete solution to keep your systems running safely and efficiently.

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