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Interconnections/Distributed Generation

3C Electrical supports many types of distributed generation projects interconnecting to the distribution system. This includes renewable sources such as solar and wind energy, as well as conventional sources such as gas turbines.

Many power producers face the complex process of connecting to the grid. Our Engineers provide guidance through the various interconnection documents, such as:
  • IEEE 1547
  • ESB 756, appendix C (for distributed generation connections in the State of Massachusetts)
  • M.P.D.U. No. 1176
Our NETA certified technicians will perform all testing and commissioning according to the NETA and ANSI procedures and guidelines.

Engineering Consultation

3C skilled engineers consult on all portions of the project. We begin with the administrative part of the process, such as the impact study process and the interconnection agreement. This can be followed by a design and/or engineering review of the proposed site to ensure that all utility requirements are met. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Telecommunications (such as Remote Terminal Units and NERC-CIP compliant routers)
  • Protection (including the correct functionality to meet all interconnection requirements)
  • Coordination of devices, such as pole-top mounted reclosers and interconnection transformers
  • Revenue Metering requirements (such as communications to the utility)
We are dedicated to keeping your project on track and ensuring that the project meets all state and utility interconnection guidelines - saving you the hassle of unforeseen delays and higher costs.

Witness Testing and Commissioning

3C specializes in the creation and performance of witness testing plans and commissioning procedures. This is completed in two parts. Our engineers create the relay and site witness test and commissioning procedures to meet all conditions of the utility. This includes submitting the plan to the utility. Next, our NETA certified field technicians complete the witness test with the utility. Equipment is tested and commissioned to meet all NETA and ANSI requirements.
Please call 855-881-3911 today to discuss your electrical power system needs. We take pride in our work and will give you a complete solution to keep your systems running safely and efficiently.

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