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Engineering Services

3C has the engineering expertise to serve your electrical power system needs. Our staff of engineers includes registered professional engineers, electrical engineers with power industry experience, CAD designers, and NETA certified professionals.

3C can offer more than just testing and maintenance because of our in-house engineering talent. Our engineers design and execute Arc Flash and Short circuit coordination studies, as well as comprehensive analysis and design of a variety of electrical installations.

We analyze, design and execute a variety of power system studies and electrical installations. 3C makes practical recommendations that can improve operations, identify faulty equipment, and keep your employees safe.

We provide technical analysis, training, and support for power systems rated up to 345kV. Below are the wide-ranging areas that our engineers assist in analyzing:

Power System Studies

3C's engineering team provides technical analysis, training, and support for power distribution systems rated up to 345kV. Below is just a sampling of the wide range of technical study areas and support services available:

Arc Flash

Results of an Arc Flash Study can protect your employee safety and ensure compliance with NFPA-70E. An Arc Flash Study will identify a flash protection boundary, safe and restricted approach distances, incident arc energy and hazard level for Personal Protective Equipment.

We go further than just letting you know existing conditions - our experienced engineers recommend cost effective ways to reduce hazards. We also provide equipment and installation services as required.

Short Circuit Studies

Knowing short circuit levels in a facility insures that equipment is properly rated for fault conditions in your facility. Protective systems are designed to isolate a fault with minimum disruption to the rest of the facility. An examination of device coordination will limit the effected area should a fault occur.

As power systems have become stronger over the years, the time delays used to provide coordination, as well as increases in available short circuit current from utilities, has increased arc energy. 3C's engineering staff examines this issue and can provide cost effective solutions to this problem.

Protective Device Coordination

Protective relays are designed to isolate a fault if it occurs, with minimum disruption in service.

Harmonics and Power Quality

Voltage and current harmonics produced by the ever increasing nonlinear loads increase power losses and create a negative impact on systems and components. Power disturbances can damage equipment. Identifying and solving these issues is critical for economical operation of a facility. 3C can provide complete turn-key services including field metering, design corrective actions, provide equipment and installation services.

System Upgrade and Design

Whether you are looking for a little more power in an area of your facility, a new substation, or new digital protection and metering systems, 3C can provide complete design and design/build services.

Our experienced staff can provide cost effective solutions and options that fit your exact needs. From concept, through design, installation and commissioning, 3C provides complete power system service.

Please call 855-881-3911 today to discuss your electrical power system needs. We take pride in our work and will give you a complete solution to keep your systems running safely and efficiently.

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