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Electrical Maintenance and Testing

Electrical Maintenance and Testing Any electrical equipment will wear and deteriorate over time. Many factors will affect the likelihood that your equipment may breakdown. With an electrical preventive maintenance and testing plan, 3C can help to identify potential hazards that can cause a failure of equipment or interruption in electrical service.

Proper maintenance is important to prevent accidents, reduce unplanned downtime, minimize expensive emergency repairs, and improve safety of personnel and property.

As a fully certified NETA member, we follow strict maintenance and testing standards in accordance with the most recent ANSI/NETA Standard for Maintenance Testing. This gives our clients reassurance that our engineers and technicians are properly trained to test and maintain electrical equipment and adhere to safety guidelines.

Acceptance Testing and Commissioning

Electrical Maintenance and Testing You can extend the life of electrical equipment and make sure it functions properly by performing tests on new equipment, usually after installation and prior to energization. Proper testing by an experienced technician will determine whether the equipment was installed properly and has not been damaged during delivery, that it is in compliance with the specification, and that it meets its design intent and limit. Plus, the results can be used as a benchmark should a problem occur in the first year of service or throughout a maintenance program. Because 3C Electrical is a fully certified NETA member, we perform independent testing in accordance with strict industry standards. You'll receive engineer-reviewed reports to document that your equipment is running properly and recommendations to prevent any problems in the future.

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