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Disturbance-monitoring equipment (DME)

Disturbance-monitoring equipment (DME) monitors and records system data pertaining to a fault.

NERC defines DME as: Devices capable of monitoring and recording system data pertaining to a disturbance. Such devices include the following categories of recorders:
  • Sequence of Event recorders which record equipment response to the event
  • Fault Recorders which record actual waveform data replicating the system primary voltages and currents. This may include protective relays.
  • Dynamic Disturbance Recorders (DDRs) which record incidents that portray power system behavior during dynamic events such as low frequency (0.1 Hz – 3 Hz) oscillations and abnormal frequency or voltage excursions.
The data is reported according to regional requirements and can be used to analyze events that caused a power failure.

Who Has to Install DME?

PRC-002-NPCC-01 is a NERC Standard that defines and enforces the requirements for DME. It must be installed by:
  • Transmission and Generation Owners Connected to Bulk Electric System (BES)
  • Radial Loads >300MW or
  • Where the loss of 1 unit drops 50 MVA of Generation
  • At Generating Plants with Nameplate Capacity Above 200 MVA

How 3C Can Help

3C Engineers have installed DME’s at large power plants throughout New England. After reviewing your system, we install the appropriate equipment to ensure you meet all regulatory requirements. We provide software training to ensure that data is reported accurately. In addition, we can develop a testing and maintenance plan that meets regulatory requirements.

Each Generator Owner shall establish a maintenance and Testing program for stand alone DME (equipment whose only purpose is disturbance monitoring) that includes:
  • Maintenance and testing intervals and their basis.
  • Summary of maintenance and testing procedures.
  • Monthly verification of time synchronization (if the loss of time synchronization is not monitored to a 24/7 control center).
  • Monthly verification of active analog quantities.
  • Verification of DDR and DFR settings in the software every six (6) years.
A requirement to return failed units to service within 90 days. If a DME device will be out of service for greater than 90 days the owner shall keep a record of efforts aimed at restoring the DME to service.
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