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Installation and Repair

We offer a unique combination of skilled industrial electricians, technicians and sound engineering judgment to make sure that your equipment is installed properly, has the proper lifetime maintenance, and is repaired quickly and efficiently.

Our technicians provide infrastructure support during construction or installation of any of the following electrical systems.

Medium Voltage Cable:

3C's experienced team of technicians and engineers can make the proper selection of cable to meet load requirements, and ensure that cables are installed and maintained properly. Designs of conduit systems not only should minimize the number of conduit bends and distances between manholes, but should also specify the pulling tensions.

We specialize in Duct, Conduit & Manhole Installation; Splicing and Terminating to 115kV; PILC 7 Solid Dielectric; Fault Locating; Repair.


We can help with complete general construction; structure erection and bus welding; electrical installation; additions and modifications; troubleshooting; maintenance and repair.


Models include step up, step down, single and three phase, isolation, buck boost, distribution transformers and others. Our experienced technicians work closely with electrical contractors, electricians, and manufacturers who use transformers to help specify the very best power transformer to best meet the need.

We offer turnkey retrofit; maintenance, repair & painting; installation; emergency change out.

Underground Distribution Systems:

We provide duct, conduit & manhole installation; inspections, maintenance & repair; cable installation & removal; manhole/vault inspections.

Aerial Distribution Systems:

We provide pole & structure installation; open & spacer cable installation; maintenance & repair; system grounding; system layout & design.

Shop Repair:

We have a large, local repair shop to handle many jobs. We inventory parts and supplies in order to handle upgrades and repairs in planned and emergency situations.
Please call 855-881-3911 today to discuss your electrical power system needs. We take pride in our work and will give you a complete solution to keep your systems running safely and efficiently.

3C Electrical Company | Westborough, MA

3C Electrical Company provides electrical testing, maintenance, engineering, and 24-hour emergency service to the Northeast, including Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, Cape Cod, and all surrounding towns.