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Arc Flash Hazards and Mitigation Techniques

An Arc Flash can cause severe injury and death. Loss of equipment and system down time can be significant.

An Arc Flash is a sudden release of heat and energy caused by an electric arc. This release of explosive energy can occur when electricity travels from one exposed live conductor to another or to the ground. It typically occurs when equipment malfunctions, is unintentionally shorted, or is being worked on.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have established guidelines for suitable protection for employees working on and around live electrical equipment. These publications cover workplace safety practices, for example requiring employees to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). A facility should identify the potential risk, implement procedures that protect employees, and train employees on safe work practices.

Arc Flash Study

3C Electrical can perform an Arc Flash Study to properly identify and mitigate potential risk. The result of a study will determine:
  • Flash Protection Boundaries
  • Approach Distances
  • Incident Arc Energy
  • Hazard Level for PPE
The Arc Flash study consists of gathering data on your electrical distribution system and compiling the results of complex calculations. The data includes an accurate system one line diagram, a short circuit study, and a protective device coordination study.

We use the results of the study to establish the amount of energy released during a fault and the Hazard Risk Category. The Hazard Risk Category establishes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements to work on and around energized equipment. The information you need is printed on WARNING LABELS placed on your equipment.

The results of an Arc Flash Study are used to create customized WARNING LABELS for your equipment. 3C’s services includes data gathering, label creation and placement, and employee training.

Steps to Reduce Risk

3C Electrical Engineers are experienced with identifying ways to reduce an Arc Flash hazard exposure. By analyzing your data, we can determine cost-effective solutions to:
  • Reduce Fault Current Levels
  • Increase Working Distance
  • Reduce Fault Duration
  • Install Arc Resistant Equipment
Our goal is to help you maintain safe and reliable electrical power system equipment. Please contact us for comprehensive solutions to address all your power system needs.
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